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Advantages Of Binary Options Trading

Do you want to invest your money and earn big profits? Binary options are a kind of financial option that lets investors engage in a high-risk investment but with a possibility of making a higher profit. A lot of investors are attracted to this kind of trading because its return potential is greater than other trading instruments. A binary option can give you a return of 60-90% while FOREX can only give you 10%. To know more about what binary options can give you, continue reading.

Binary Options Offer Uncomplicated Trading

If you are a new investor and have no previous experience trading, binary options are a great way to start your investment. Unlike other trading investments, binary options only require you to decide between two outcomes. In addition to this, a lot of websites are now offering user-friendly interfaces that can significantly help you with trading. There are live chats for your concerns while trading, demo accounts, and video tutorials that will make you understand how to trade.

Binary Options Provide Quick Turnover And Faster Payouts

Do you want to get profits faster? There are binary options that can be traded in 15 or 30 minutes. The rapid turnover of binary options will make you feel the adrenaline and keep your pocket full. If you are feeling adventurous and daring, you can even try trading 60-second binary options. Quick payouts will enable you to enjoy your profit without having to wait for a very long time.

Having Fixed Risk And Known Reward

One of the biggest worries of an investor is losing the money that he or she invested. However, the risk is a part of investing. You might not get lucky sometimes, but you can also earn more profit next time. With binary options, investors will know how much money they are risking in their investment and how much is their potential benefit. This feature is very appealing because you won’t have to worry anymore about the changing amount of money, unlike other trading instruments. Binary options let you see your potential income or loss more clearly, and that makes investing easier for investors.

Returns Even When You Lose

To make binary options even more inviting, brokers made a way to compensate for the higher risk for this kind of investment. As an investor, you must be wise when spending your money on this sort of option. Some brokers offer little returns on the amount that you invested if ever your investment did not earn any profit or loss in a bet.

You might be able to get a 5-15% return on your invested amount instead of losing 100% of it. Even though the higher risk makes binary options intimidating to some people, one must understand that risk is a must in every investment and you just have to be brave enough to earn your profits in the end.

Binary options are high-risk trading instruments that are slowly gaining popularity today. It is very straightforward and easy to manage. Even with the high risk, investors still like this option because of the higher profit that it can give and the fast turnover that results in quick payouts. If you want to start investing in binary options, you should understand these advantages to maximize your investment.

Binary Options trading is not available to residents of the EEA (European Economic Area), so you may want to consider other trading options, such as Forex Trading, and CFD Trading if you live in the EEA.

Do You Know What The Advantages Of Trading With IQ Option Are?

Do you know what IQ Option is? It’s a trading platform that’s online. According to 2017 data, the website had over 25 million different registered traders. In that same year, the trading volume was $380 million per month at just under $2 million per diem. The platform works with traders in 151 different nations around the globe, and 78 specialists are on stand-by to help users with any issues that they face with the platform. The online trading platform has also amassed numerous awards despite not having been around before 2013. The global trading platform is nothing short of a juggernaut, beating out everyone else in the financial category for the 2017 Award of Excellence of that year.

If you want to get an idea of just how large this particular company has gotten, then you don’t have to go any farther than looking at their reviews. Not even a year out of the gate, they were getting high praise in 2014, ranging from Live Trading News to Forex Report. The overall praise was quite resounding, which is a testimonial to their reliability and quality overall. Shayne Heffernan from Live Trading News was notably effusive in praising the platform, saying that quite a few apps are out there but don’t really work, and yet here, traders get lots of new opportunities, a multitude of flexible instruments, and a nice app which streamlines the process of binary options.

So, just what makes IQ Option phenomenal? Quite a bit, it turns out.

(you can read our full IQ Option review by clicking the link) Note: IQ Option is no longer available to residents of the UK, following on from Brexit. For alternative trading, try Forex and CFD trading with XTB.

Opening Accounts

Whether you open up an IQ Option demo account or a real one, it’s so easy to open an IQ Option account, it’s practically effortless. All that you have to do is put in some personal details when you are prompted to do so. The rest takes care of itself.

Ease Of Use

Once you get access to the platform interface, you’ll find just how straightforward it is. You can adjust things like the interface colours and even the kinds of charts you get, whether you prefer candlesticks, bars, lines, or area graphs. You can even modify the view to your own liking in terms of height and width or even duration spans of hours and days. You can even modulate the theme colours. Whether you want to see how an asset has moved for the previous hour or the whole day, you can do that. You can even follow or trade-in multiple assets at once with various screen layouts.

Mobile Accessibility

Every modern app should be something that you can use right in your hands at any time, but IQ Option is leading the pack in putting trading right in your palms. IQ Option was won the award given to Best Mobile Platform, which matters quite a bit for users who want to be able to trade anywhere and anytime. This platform is a reliable trading partner any place that you go.

Analytical Tools Come Built-In

IQ Option goes a lot farther than you might think it would in taking the nightmare out of trading by providing analytical tools that give you the help you need in making decisions. In fact, when you choose what asset or commodity you want to specifically trade-in, the app will automatically display the possible percentage profits that you might get to make.

Investment Size

Trading with IQ Option can always prove to be risky, and that should always be obvious to traders who are considering how much investment they are going to put in. IQ Option can simplify this for you since it will prompt you about your investment size once you pick your commodity. As you move through this, it will do computations about how much possible profit percentage you might get before displaying in the trading currency you are using, so you can avoid the typical confusion that sometimes happens when you have to think in terms of percentages. There’s no need for doing any guesswork because the platform handles everything for you.

Real-Time Information

IQ Option displays information as it is happening in real-time. Having current trading and data means that regardless of wherever you are around the world, you have the opportunity to gain on stocks. Everyone gets the same information that is up-to-date no matter where they are.


Consider an instance where you’re tracking the behaviour of a particular asset on your phone screen and get to the point where you’d like to make a purchase. IQ Option lets you buy by using both Put and Call Options which are displayed across your screen, based on your own predictions. However, you’re not limited to doing this for just one single asset. This platform lets you have the options for trading in various assets all at the same time. All you need to do is to go into your asset section where you can add the assets that you’re interested in so you can freely choose the layout format you like in the grid layout.

Binary Options

Do you know what binary options are? If you don’t, there are fortunately 78 specialists available to answer questions from around the world in 14 languages 24/7. You don’t have to worry about investing since you can start slowly and then learn things along the way. You’ll get guided into a future full of financial wisdom. On top of this, if you’re not big on taking risks, you can work inside a demo account first, free of risks. You get the chance to learn the ropes before diving right in. You’ll even get access to beginner video tutorials and a blog deep with content about the trade.

Various Trading Assets

Cryptocurrency is a huge buzzword across the world’s financial markets, and something that makes IQ Option exciting to many users is the ability to both buy and sell cryptocurrency. Of course, you’ll still have conventional kinds of assets for buying and selling at your disposal. You can see the full range of trading assets at this IQ Option review where not only do you get a list of all the various trading assets but a full break down of IQ Option. We will be carrying out a full review of IQ Option and posting it here, along with other binary options platforms for your information.

It can be risky to get involved in options trading, so it’s necessary to state that you should only invest money you’re willing or able to possibly lose. Having said that, you can sail these dangerous waters with ease if you use IQ Option.


Please Note: As of 2nd July 2018 Binary options are prohibited within The European Economic Area (EEA) for retail traders.

If you live within the EU and are not a professional trader you will not be allowed to trade Binary Options.

Alternatively, you may trade CFD’s. CFD’s are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money

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