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Meet Our Trading Team
Head of Trading
Nathaniel Woods

Head Of Trading

Nathaniel Woods' Bio
Regional Desk Managers
Andy Goldman

Asia and Australia Desk Manager

Andy Goldman' Bio

Mr. Goldman's vast knowledge of the Asian and Australian markets, coupled with his extensive experience in fundamental and technical analysis in the region have enabled him to have one of the highest success rates in assets from these regions.  Mr. Goldman's belief and execution of proper risk management saw him rise to be one of the most influential brokers in the industry.

Nick Duprix

Europe and Gulf Desk Manager

Nick Duprix' Bio

Mr. Duprix is a 20 year commodity trading veteran. Mr. Duprix's intimate knowledge of political and financial events especially in the Gulf region and the Middle East have enabled RBoptions to accurately predict markets movements in prices of Gold, Silver and Oil generating vast profits for many of RBoptions traders.

Jack Woods

U.S. and Canada Desk Manager

Jack Woods' Bio

Mr. Woods' specialty and focus have been the U.S. and Canadian markets for the better part of two decades.  His expertise in these fields has been imperically tested and acknowledge through results, which translate into profits.  Throughout the years Mr. Woods' has been known for seeing opportunities where most others miss them, and his ability to calibrate according to the situation is what led to his success.

Senior Brokers
Why RBoptions
Security of Funds

All personal information and financial transactions are secured by a cutting edge 256 Bit SSL Encryption. The same used in leading financial institutions such as HSBC, J.P. Morgan Chase and TD Waterhouse. Adhering to the highest regulatory standards, RBoptions maintains 3 times the capital adequacy required by most regulators.

In addition, all investor funds are held in a segregated account with no liabilitiy risk associated.

RBoptions is certified for its compliance policy, safety of funds and personal information privacy procedures. It is also certified that RBoptions will never share your personal information or your financial information with any third party.

Same Day Withdrawal Approvals

At the heart of RBoptions' core values are honesty and straight forward trading experience. We believe any trader should have immediate access to any invested funds. That's why RBoptions is the only binary options broker to offer same day withdrawal approvals!

Once your account is verified (See compliance policy here) you will receive your funds as early as 24 hours (with Skrill) after a withdrawal request was submitted. No hassle. No questions asked. This is the RBoptions Guarantee.


Industry Experience

We began RBOptions after years of working in the trade industry – for other Binary companies, Forex trading groups, and various banking and investment companies. We knew we could do better.

After the economic crises of recent years, we feel that transparent pricing, straight forward trading, and responsible financial handeling is of the utmost importance.  That’s why we’ve assembled a team of uncompromisingly professional traders, investors, and financial gurus to offer the highest level of trading experience.  You never have to worry about any thing other than your trades. We take care of the rest.

Highest Paying Platform - Up To 88%

RBoptions offers the highest paying platform in the industry - Up to 88% profit per successful trade, where most broker out there fall behind with a 70% payout average. Additionally, RBoptions offers an exclusive Stop-Loss feature allowing you to sell your position before expiry to cap potential losses if your understanding of the market had changed mid-trade.

Personal Broker, One on One Trading Lessons
Any new trader at RBoptions is entitled to a personal one-on-one trading session by our senior brokers. High volume accounts will receive 24/7 dedicated senior brokers and a full education suite. See accounts features here for more information.
Acclaimed Education Center
RBoptions offers a full education suite including a complete video center consisting of more than 40+ video tutorials covering anything from the ABCs of trading to advanced trading strategies and techniques. RBoptions' education suite is complimented by an indepth binary options e-Book, trading analysis methods basics, advanced articles, market analysis and much more. See education center here.
24/7 Live Broker & Customer Service

All traders at RBoptions will have access to 24/7 live chat support from our customer service team. For customers wishing to trade in higher volumes, a 24/7 dedicated management team is available, consisting of 2 senior brokers and a dedicated customer service representative to ensure your inquiries and trading requirements are met 24/7.



In The News
RBoptions' Mobile Trading Platform, Revolutionizes the Binary Options World
November 12, 2014 10:39 AM
Toronto based RBoptions have done it again...They were one of the first in not only recognizing, but acting on the mobile trend. Quiclkly filling the gap between the market and client's needs, by launching both their Android as well as tablet Application, great for traders on the move.
RBOptions – Eloquence and Efficiency
on October 8, 2013 at 7:42 am
This Canada-based binary options broker has one of the most premium payouts in the binary options business, from 90 percent up to 500 percent on weekend options. The bonuses, immediate same day withdrawals for Moneybookers, qualified and skillful 24/7 customer service and a complete learning center are features that are sure to attract an influx of new traders. We don't like to compliment individual binary options brokers too unreservedly, but RBOPtions, with its refined services and features, has the looks of a first-rate binary options broker.